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L2-L3 bridge

The L2-L3 bridge helps you to transfer assets between L2 (chain) and L3 (rollup). This page will guide you on how to use the L2-L3 bridge properly.


To bridge assets to another chain, you must ensure that you have enough IDEs to pay the gas fee for the bridge transaction. Bridging from L2 to L3 requires IDEs on L2, and bridging from L3 to L2 requires IDEs on L3. Get some test tokens from the faucet if you don't have enough IDEs.

Step 1

Visit L3 Bridge and connect your wallet in the upper right corner. Tab the arrow button in the middle to adjust the bridging direction. Make sure the direction is correct. Then enter the number of assets you'd like to bridge and click "Confirm."
Metamask will automatically add and switch to the "From" network you selected. Remember to check and confirm the popup message.
You are expected to see this completed notice after confirming the transaction via Metamask. It means your bridge transaction has been processed. Go ahead! If it shows a failed notice, ensure you have enough gas and try it again. Report to us via Discord or Twitter if you still fail.

Step 2

After successfully sending your bridge transaction, click the "Activity" tab to check the bridging process. You might see your bridge record as follows:
This means that the rollup has already seen your bridge request but still needs some time to be validated and generate corresponding proofs. The claim button is still disabled. This might take several minutes. Just wait until it turns like:
Now your bridge request is successfully validated by L3 prover. Click the "Claim" button, and confirm Metamask requests to withdraw your assets. You don't need any gas for the claim transaction!
Well done! Now you can see a completed record. Go and check your wallet balance!