Prover(Miner) staking and slashing

To prevent malicious behavior related to provers, the Prover needs to register in a special system contract and stake tokens. The Prover can choose to participate in one or multiple Rollup's PoW mining activities. For each Rollup they wish to participate in, the Prover must stake a minimum of 100,000 IDE tokens in the system contract before they can submit ZKPs (Zero-Knowledge Proofs) for that Rollup. If the current staked amount is below the threshold, submitting hash and ZKP for that Rollup is not allowed. The rewards for submitting ZKPs will also be distributed based on the proportion of the staked amount, thus preventing malicious behavior of multiple ZKP submissions by provers. Different levels of penalties will be applied when the prover does the following:
  • If the prover submits the wrong hash, the penalty will be 10,000 IDE
  • If no corresponding ZKP is submitted, the penalty will be 1,000 IDE
The slashed IDEs will be burned.
Prover staking and the exact number of penalties are subject to change in the future.