Opside Doc

Interact with L3

Opside's L3 is a bunch of rollups. On the current testnet, we have launched an EVM-compatible zk-rollup as L3. This page will help you to interact with it.

Setup Metamask

Add Opside zk-rollup L3 testnet in your Metamask settings. This step can also be done automatically by interacting with the L2-L3 bridge.

Transfer tokens to L3

Refer to L2-L3 bridge to transfer tokens from L2 to L3. You need IDE tokens on L3 to pay the gas fee for each transaction you make.

Do whatever you want

L3 is an EVM-compatible zk-rollup, so you can try anything you can do on Ethereum, including making transfers, deploying contracts, etc. You can visit Opside ZK-EVM Explorer to get L3 block data.