Tokenomics(Pre-alpha Version)

Token supply and demand

The allocation details for IDE (Opside token) are as follows: A maximum of 10 billion IDE will be minted. 10% is allocated for seed round financing, 14% for the Opside team and contributors, and 15% for the community, which includes early testers, ecosystem project developers, and potential future airdrops. 28% is designated for the foundation to support ecosystem development, follow-up financing, and other purposes. The remaining 33% serves as rewards for validators and miners who provide data storage services, generate zero-knowledge proofs, maintain blockchains, and execute contracts. The token allocation chart is as follows:
token allocation
token allocation
In accordance with the hybrid PoS and PoW consensus, the block reward is divided into two parts, allocated to validators and miners respectively. During the Pre-Alpha testnet stage, the temporary block reward ratio for PoS and PoW is fixed at 1:2, meaning 11% of the IDE is assigned to validators, while 22% is designated for miners. In the future, this ratio will be dynamically adjusted based on the demand and supply of ZKP computational power across the entire network.